You have a good head on your

Give it the innovative comfort it deserves with a pillow designed to properly support both the head and neck.

Purple Harmony Pillow


Made with special Purple Grid Hex, this pillow offers total head and neck support with airflow and wicking properties to keep you cool.

Purple Pillow

Purple Pillow


New age comfort science for cool ergonomic support. Now including Purple Pillow Boosters adjustable-height inserts.

Kid Purple Pillow

Kid Purple Pillow


Smaller and softer than our original Purple Pillow – just right for little noggins.

Purple TwinCloud Pillow

Purple TwinCloud Pillow

We’ve reinvented the classic down-alternative pillow to offer the moldable, fluffy feel you love with adjustable support settings.


Purple Plush Pillow

The adjustable, cool, and oh-so-huggable Purple Plush Pillow is comfier than sleeping on a cloud.


Purple Plush Pillow
Purple Pillow Booster

Purple Pillow Booster

Achieve your ideal pillow height with this booster set for the Purple Pillow.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purple Grid™ Hex Technology?

Unique to the Purple Harmony Pillow, the Deluxe Hex Grid is specially formulated and engineered for head and neck support. The soft hexagon-shaped air channels optimize the dynamic response and airflow for unbelievable comfort.

How do I care for the Purple Harmony Pillow?

  • Cover: Machine wash cold, separately. Lay flat to dry.
  • Core: Spot clean only.

Will this pillow affect my latex allergies?

The Talalay Latex cores we use are considered hypoallergenic and are not likely to agitate natural latex allergies. Here’s why:
Natural rubber latex allergy is caused by protein(s), and there are about 256 proteins that are found in natural rubber latex. The Talalay process is one that almost completely eliminates the surface proteins that are responsible for most latex allergies. The Talalay latex foam products undergo a five-stage washing process and is also flash-heated from a gel into a permanent solid form, which would remove most of the proteins in natural latex.
Talalay latex is also naturally inhospitable to dust mites, bed bugs, and other common allergens, making it the best Talalay latex pillow and a popular choice for those with dust mite allergies.
That said, we recommend you consult your doctor before purchasing the Purple Harmony Pillow.

What is the difference between the Purple Harmony Pillow, the Purple Pillow, and the Purple Plush Pillow?

The Purple Plush Pillow is a more traditional-feeling fluffy pillow with no Purple Grid. It has the added benefit of adjusting the firmness using the zippers on either side.
The Purple Pillow is made with a unique Purple Grid with reinforced neck support, which is engineered to cradle your head and provide ergonomic neck support, especially for back sleepers. It’s flat, heavy, and feels soft and squishy.
The Purple Harmony Pillow is a hybrid, hypoallergenic pillow featuring the world’s first and only tapered 360º Purple Grid Hex surrounding a soft, responsive Talalay latex core for optimal head and neck support. It has a cool-to-the-touch, moisture-wicking, breathable mesh cover to enhance the benefits of the Purple Grid Hex. It’s the ultimate balance of soft, cool, and responsive No Pressure Support your sleepy head dreams about.

What is the lifespan of the Purple Harmony Pillow?

The Purple Harmony Pillow comes with a one-year warranty and the high-density Hyper-Elastic Polymer® and Talalay latex are engineered to keep their shape for much longer than traditional pillows.

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